Comfort and Convenience Services

Rest easy knowing your home is safe with HomeCheck in Maine.

We'll leave the light on for you!

Comfort and Convenience services go beyond the security and maintenance of your property; this is where the white glove treatment of your home really kicks in. In addition to replacing burned out bulbs and dead batteries, adjusting clocks, and making sure that linens are in their proper place, we also take care of installing that new de-humidifier, hooking up the internet, and making sure the Wi-Fi is working, replacing and returning cable boxes, and fixing the latch on the back door. Our level of service and attention to detail is important, when it comes to maintaining and caring for your home. No matter what the request, large or small we are only a phone call or an email away.

Getting Settled We manage the seasonal changeover at your home including putting the outdoor furniture in and out, opening and closing pools and hot tubs, scheduling furnace and HVAC service, arranging for window cleaning, and servicing irrigation systems.

Welcome Home No one likes to arrive at a cold dark house, so we always try to make sure that the heating/air conditioning is adjusted and the lights are on to give you a warm welcome. All we need is a little heads-up to let us know when you are coming to Maine.

Deliveries We receive FedEx and UPS daily at our office and deliver to your home. With 40 years experience in the home furnishings industry, deliveries of freight, furniture, and fine art are handled with ease and professionalism.

Special Requests With our experience, know-how, and local contacts, we are able to accommodate just about any request that you might have — recommending a landscaper, getting custom covers made for lawn furniture, mailing forgotten shoes, picking up the dry cleaning — all you have to do is ask. 

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